biocos cosmetics by social media pakistan

Biocos Cosmetics is one of the pakistan’s biggest beauty products and skin care products brand with a very big range of useful products managed by Social Media Pakistan.

In the products range they have :
Whitening Serum
Whitening Mask
Bubble Charcoal Mask
Whitening Cream
Pimple Clear Magic Serum
Anti -aging Serum
Herbal Hair Oil
Hair Serum
Milky Face Wash
Eye Collagen Mask
Whitening Body Lotion

Biocos Cosmetics is Located in the heart of pakistan , Lahore city at garden town.
Its Founder is Usman Ellahi Sb who is a self made person, who started from the scratch and now competing with giants of cosmetics industry like Golden Pearl, Faiza Beauty Cream and many more big competitors of skin care industry

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